Color Changing Mens Mood Ring (Black)

Ello Elli

  • $16.99

  • -The timeless mood ring is back and has been redesigned with a sleek, modern and comfort fit style up to par with today's fashion jewelry. Ello Elli is excited to introduce our unique fashion mood ring. Our rings are modern and fashionable, this mood ring will bring a stylish feeling to any look. Each of our rings is made of a Stainless steel alloy bringing you a very durable yet elegant ring, we are certain you'll love!
  • -How do they work? Our Stainless Mood rings are inlaid with thermotropic liquid crystals in each band that display beautiful stunning colors depending on your mood, almost magic-like! The bands changing color effects are instantly responsive and change colors within seconds, unlike other cheap mood rings. Ring colors come in black, rose gold, gold and silver. With 4 different color variations to choose from what mood will you be in?
  • -Each Ello Elli mood ring is constructed from durable Stainless-Steel  These rings are comfortable to wear and are highly resistant to oxidation, rust and corrosion. In addition, they will not leave your skin green unlike most cheap Fashion Jewelry. Each ring is given attention to detail, individually polished and given a final finish displaying a very colorful, elegant and comfortable ring.
  • -Care Instructions: To maintain and protect your mood ring color quality avoid contact with water, harsh chemicals, physical damage, and high humidity/heat such as leaving in sunlight. If mood ring begins to fade, please contact us promptly and we will make things right!
  • -Satisfaction Guaranteed! Ello Elli is an American owned small business located in Southern California. We offer beautiful fashion jewelry to the savvy shopper such as cat necklaces, mood rings and other high-quality fashion jewelry. Our Philosophy is simple at Ello Elli. “: Great customer Service, Excellent Quality Products, Fair prices, And No compromising" Give us a try today! Find us on Amazon!

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